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Apart from providing one-stop pain treatment services for our patients, Chicago Spine and Pain Centre is also committed to holding various types of health care lectures with the insurance companies and private institutions, aiming to raise public awareness towards chronic pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Before coming to our centre for consultation, you are advised to first understand the terms and conditions of your medical insurance policy, covered benefit items, insured amounts and claim procedures. Should you have any enquiries, you are welcomed to contact our staff who will be glad to offer assistance. The following questions are frequently asked:

Does your pain center accept personal insurance or company insurance?

We accept both personal insurance and company insurance. The type of insurance policies we accept include: accident insurance, medical insurance, hospitalization insurance (if required), labor insurance, travel insurance and other insurance.

Do I need a referral letter from a general physician (GP) before receiving treatment by a chiropractor or physical therapist for insurance purpose?

Different insurance companies and insurance plans have different claim procedure requirements; some insurance companies accept their patients to seek medical consultation directly from the chiropractor to arrange claims. While some insurers will require patients to seek consultation from a GP in advance for referral before visiting a chiropractor or physical therapist for treatment and claims.

Do I need to consult a general physician (GP) for a referral letter before I come to your Center?

Different cases require different treatment methods. Some patients may only have to take medicine, receive physical therapy or chiropractic treatment. Serious cases may require surgery. It is recommended to visit our centre first for a preliminary examination conducted by our professional doctor before we can further assist you with referrals, hospital admissions or other related matters of concern.

Do I need to bring an insurance claim form with me for consultation?

For accident insurance claims, some insurance companies may require the insurance claim form to be filled by your general physician (GP). For medical insurance or hospitalization insurance, most insurance companies require the insurance claim form to be filled by the attending doctor. In order to avoid any delay in the processing of your claim, please contact your insurance agent or insurance company in advance for detailed information of the claim procedures (such as scope of coverage, compensation amount and supporting documents required for claims).

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