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Bone Spurs

Bone spurs (osteophytes) are the bony protrusions that develop along the bone edge and often form where bones joints meet each other.

The formation of bone spurs is a reaction of the body trying to self-repair itself usually when the joint cartilage is inflamed, rubbed or damaged for a long period of time.

Bone spurs will form to replace the damaged joint cartilage. The spurs themselves are not the cause of pain but they can irritate and press on adjacent tissues, nerves or bones which is the cause of the pain.

Theoretically, bone spurs can form on many parts of your body joints and tend to grow where the ligaments and tendons attached the skeleton.


Bone spurs usually show no symptoms. If symptoms are triggered, they usually occur according to the location of bone spurs, creating the sensation of pain and paralysis. When bone spurs press on the surrounding skin tissue, nerves or tendons, this may create the sensation of pain and soreness.


Most bone spurs show no symptoms and could be undetected for years and might not require any treatment. If there are persistent symptoms such as pain or paralysis, treatment has to be considered and this varies according to the condition of each patient, however most start with a non-surgical form of treatment.

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