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Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, officially known as "adhesive capsulitis", is a common condition in which the patient feel their shoulders becoming stiff, tight and painful. Signs and symptoms typically develops gradually, getting worse over time and then usually goes away within one to two years.


A common symptom is where the shoulder joints tighten and restrict movement. Frozen shoulders can be divided into three stages and each stage can persist for a few months.

Freezing stage – Movement of your shoulder causes pain and your range of movement is reduced.Frozen stage – Pain may begin to diminish however your shoulder becomes stiffer and less flexible with restricted range of movement.Thawing stage – Pain may begin to vanish as the stiff shoulder becomes more flexible, regaining normal functionality.


The goal of treatment is to relieve the patient's pain and restore the shoulder’s mobility. More than 90% of patients recover via non-surgical treatment such as use of medications, chiropractic therapy and physical therapy. Regardless of any method of treatment, patients will have to prepare for the long-term recovery process.

Non-surgical treatment includes joint adjustment, extracorporeal focused shock waves and high-energy laser treatment.

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