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The word “osteoporosis” is the combination of “Osteo” and “porous”. This disease is caused by the loss of bone density. Small holes appear in the honeycomb-like bone tissue and the bone structure becomes fragile and loses its weight bearing capacity increasing the risk of fractures. Severe osteoporosis can cause bone fractures to occur from a fall, carrying a load that is too heavy to even making a simple movement by coughing.

The onset of osteoporosis is dependent on how quickly you lose bone minerals after reaching the age of 30 to 35 years old and how much bone density reserve you retained before. Osteoporosis is five times more common in women than in men.

Osteoporosis is not a rare or difficult disease to treat and the prevention methods are really simple such as paying attention to your diet and performing weight-bearing exercises, like walking or jogging, that can help maintain strong and healthy bones.


Osteoporosis is an invisible disease. It may not have obvious symptoms of pain or discomfort and many patients only discover the disease only after a bone fracture has occurred. When losing bone density becomes serious, patients will experience:

Constant back pain.Loss of height over time.A stooped posture.Bones fractures.   

Pain and other complications affecting a patient's ability to care for themselves as the quality of life deteriorates over a period of time.


The treatment of osteoporosis is based on drug therapy, combined with a diet program and weight-bearing exercises to slow the process of bone loss. If a serious fracture occurs, surgery may be required.

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