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Preparing For Your First-time Appointment

Your first consultation will last for at least 45 to 60 minutes, so please reserve ample time for it on the date of your appointment.If you are referred by another doctor or specialist, please bring the referral letter with you.If available, please provide your most recent radiological and imaging reports such as X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound scan, magnetic resonance (MRI), bone scan and/or osteoporosis examination report (DXA) for our doctors’ review.If available, please provide your recent blood and/or urine test reports for our doctor's review.
If you are currently taking any medications, please prepare the list of the names and dosage of the medicines.
With regards to the insurance claims, please contact your insurance agent or insurance company for details (such as scope of coverage, compensation amount and supporting documents required for claims).  Our staff are also available to help answer any general insurance questions. If necessary, please bring your insurance claim form along for our doctor to fill out.

Appointment Date Matters

Please arrive to our center 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out a simple new patient registration form. The personal information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.If you require a doctor's sick leave letter, please inform our staff upon your arrival.If you need to file for insurance claims, please inform our staff upon your arrival for assistance.

What To Expect On Your First-Time Appointment

Our doctor will ask you about your symptoms and past medical history, so please be prepared to answer the following:
When did your pain symptoms start? How did it start? Can you describe your symptoms? Do your symptoms occur intermittently or continuously? When did the pain occur? Has it got worse or better? Have you experienced any other pain in the past? Are you currently taking any medications? Do your parents or siblings have similar pain symptoms or other diseases?
The doctor will perform simple examinations on the location of the pain. For example: Perform palpation and inspection; Check your activity range and flexibility; Test your nerve conduction; Examine your muscle, skeleton, tendon and joints; If necessary, arrange a blood and urine test; carry out imaging examinations such as an X-ray, bone scan, CT scan, ultrasound scan and/or MRI, etc., for you.
After completing the examination, the doctor will explain your condition and diagnostic results in detail and provide you with a medical plan (this may include follow-up medical treatment, surgical treatment, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, exercise therapy and advice for changing your lifestyle and habits). If further examinations and consultations by other specialists is deemed necessary, we will try our best to arrange the earliest appointment time for you, so that you can obtain a suitable treatment plan in the shortest time. If hospitalisation for further examination or treatment is necessary, we will provide relevant information of each hospital for your reference and arrange the admission procedures for you.

What To Expect On Your Follow-Up Visit

Your doctor will advise you a series of treatment plan; and the doctor will review the treatment results and effectiveness on a regular basis. If you have any enquiries or difficulties meeting your treatment plan commitments, please express your concerns to the doctor during the consultation. The doctor will adjust your plan accordingly and explain the rehabilitation process with you so to ensure you receive a quality treatment program that remains effective.

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