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Chiropractic Correction and Adjustment A technique that can accurately and efficiently adjust misaligned joints. It releases joint pressure, restores normal mobility, alleviates pain and muscle tension.
Schroth Method (Germany) This exercise therapy can be customized for each individual patient with scoliosis and aims to ameliorate, elongate and stabilize the curved spine, boosting muscular endurance and helps patients regain their natural spinal curvature.
3D Chiropractic Traction (USA) This special instrument can be adjusted 360 degrees, decompressing the protruding intervertebral disc in all directions, alleviating neck and back pain as well as paralysis of the hands and feet caused by spinal nerve compression.
Activator Methods (USA) This therapeutic gun aimed at the spinal facet joints, applies high-speed and accurate force to correct the spinal misalignment, balancing and restoring joint mobility.
High Power Laser and Cold Laser Therapy (UK) This laser beam therapy can penetrate thick body tissues, stimulate cellular metabolism and increase blood circulation to accelerate the growth and recovery of the affected area to achieve the analgesic effect.
PiezoWave 2 Focused Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (Germany) This instrument precisely targets to perform a deep tissue massage so to accelerate blood circulation and induce biological repair at a cellular level to achieve the analgesic effect in treating the pain and damaged soft tissue.
Electromagnetic Wave Therapy Unit (UK) By repeatedly contracting muscles, this instrument increases blood circulation and tissue regeneration in order to ease pain, relax and strengthen muscles and improve joint mobility.
Cox Flexion Distraction Technique (USA) This treatment decompresses the targeted part of herniated discs by applying gentle stretching or traction to the spine used for people with cervical and lumbar disc herniation as well as sciatica.
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